My Cat bizzare story

To avoid humiliating Blackie once again, we all congratulated her on her prowess, and she marched back and forth with her back arched high in proud acceptance of our praise.  That?s when I glanced over at the mouse hole.  Just on the other side of the hole was open desert, and there was the mouse squeezed up right beneath the hole.  All Blackie would have had to do was reach over the hole, across and over the top of the 4 x 4 beam, and snag the mouse.  She could smell it there, but she was so intent on the hole she never realized the mouse was totally exposed on the other side.     

And, I can?t forget Chrissy, our cream point Himalayan that was another bizarre acting cat.  My husband really doesn?t like me to talk about their affair, but truth be known, Chrissy was madly in love with him.  Her wanton displays of affection were blatant; she made no secret of her professed love for him.  She would flop down at his feet as he came home from work, purring loudly and kneading the air to show her pleasure at his return to her. 

Chrissy was a four time grand champion show cat, the perfect combination of boxy conformation, short tail, blue eyes, small pointy ears, and a coat that was so thick it was a challenge to groom her for show.  The breeders we bought Chrissy from were pressing us to breed her back to one of their champion males, and I was thrilled at the prospect of having a house full of kittens.  To put it mildly, Chrissy was a little less thrilled than me.  When presented to the male, she spread all four paws out at the kennel door with every claw catching the door?s edges.  Refusing to cheat on my husband, Chrissy simply was not interested in entertaining thoughts of another man.  Through our persistence, we finally got Chrissy into the kennel and left her there for a few days.  Finally the breeders called us and asked us to come get her because she wasn?t ready to breed with their handsome male.

I had my heart set on having some baby kittens, so I wanted to try one more time.  My husband was out of town on a business trip, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take Chrissy back to the breeder.  Chrissy had been quite upset at being separated from my husband for over a week, and she was ready to get even.  This time she welcomed the attentions of the male.  In fact, she looked so satisfied when I went to pick her up I expected her to pull out a cigarette at any moment and ask for a light.  A few months later we had five little fur balls that Chrissy was quick to show off to my husband.

It would be remiss of me to leave off the night another cat of mine, Miss Kitty, made my skin crawl.  The house was quiet, all except for Miss Kitty?s purrs, when suddenly she sat up and began starring out the open blinds.  My office overlooks a rather dark park and borders an even darker street, and to see someone at this time of night would be highly unlikely. I felt a tingle of alarm crawl up my spine and rest across my tensed shoulders.  I leaned my head forward to listen, but all I could hear was silence and the rapid breathing of Miss Kitty as she starred out the window with absolutely no movement except the dilation of her pupils and the slight flare of her nostrils.  Needing to put an end to this endless starring, I closed the blinds and waited for Miss Kitty to vacate her perch, but still she stood?now gazing at the same spot behind the closed blinds.

She must have stood there for the best part of an hour, shifting her eyes from one corner of the window to the other.  This was creeping me out, and I could feel the warning hairs on the back of my neck begin to stand at attention.  Okay, I will finish my work.  I refused to give Miss Kitty?s foolish behavior one more minute of my time.  Finally, my husband came home, and it broke Miss Kitty?s concentration long enough for her to greet him.  She usually cried for food when he came home; but, instead she returned to her vigil at the window.

?There is nothing there, Miss Kitty,? I swore, but she knew better.  She persisted to star and I continued to scold.  It was a showdown that I wasn?t going to win, so I closed my computer and went to bed, leaving Miss Kitty sitting with her back to my office door still starring out the window.  The next morning I was watering the plants, and as I watered the taller plant that grew just to the left of the window I noticed something odd?a cigarette butt.  Looking closer, I saw that several of the small branches on the back side of the bush had been bent and broken as if someone had been crouched there for quite some time.

I believe Miss Kitty sensed something or someone that I didn?t.  It?s a well-known fact that a cat?s senses are much more acute than humans.  I actually wonder if cats have an extra sense?a sense of the paranormal.  IF YOU?RE A CAT YOU CAN?