Cat’s Diet

Many cats love garlic. But since it is harmful to them, keep garlic away from your pets. And also vinegar, coffee, onions and grapes.

 Aspirin presents a deadly threat to cats.

 The life experience that kittens receive during the first two months of their lives has a significant impact on their behavior in later adulthood

 A kitten, born and spent the first months of life in a house (family), where many people where an ebullient life reigns, will quickly and easily become accustomed to changing the situation

 Such traits of character as friendliness and self-confidence, kittens receive from the pope-cat

  Cats prefer food at room temperature, and not served immediately from the refrigerator

 As in nature, cats are competitors to each other when eating food. Therefore, feed your pets (if you have several) from different bowls

  Cats should not be vegetarians, because they need the amino acid arginine, which is found only in meat.

 The toilet tray and bed should not be near the cup with food (in the wild, cats also do not spoil the place where they sleep or eat)

 Cats need controlled territory 10 times more than cats

 Cats love fresh air, so make sure that you have open the windows in your house. And they love to have all the doors open in the house, because Do not stand the closed space

 In the tongue of cats, there are horny hooks that perform the function of comb when they lick the wool

 When cats do not sleep (and they sleep up to 18 hours a day), then 30% of their time they use to care for themselves

 Cats smell 14 times stronger than humans; they perceive sounds in the range of 50-60 kHz (the dog is about 40 kHz, the person is 20 kHz), and they themselves produce up to 100 different sounds (dogs – up to 10)

  Cats do not distinguish between small objects very well, so they may not see a tidbit right in front of their noses. It is best to see cats at a distance of 75 cm to 2-6 m

 The cat has, on the average, 12 movable tendrils on each side of the muzzle. At the base of the mustache (scientifically vibrating) there are a large number of nerve endings, so it uses them to obtain information about everything that surrounds it – about objects, wind, temperature, etc. If the cat is removed from the mustache, it may not orientate well in space, for example, it is difficult to hunt and generally feel insecure.

 Cats rub against a person to “smash” other people’s smells. The smell comes from the glands that are between the eye and the ear and at the base of the tail.

 Cats are irreplaceable for human?s animals. According to doctors, the presence of a cat in the house can even prevent a heart attack: just pet your pet, and your pressure will drop and anger will subside. Also, families with cats are always easier to endure stresses and crisis situations and communicate more often with each other.

 The number of cats in America reached almost 68 million in 1996. According to the magazine “American Demographics” they commit 200 million yawns per hour, and sleep 425 million times a day!

 According to the University of Lyon (France) in the world there are about 400 million domestic cats. The palm is given to Australia, where there are 9 cats per 10 inhabitants.

 On the Asian continent, the first place after Indonesia, there is more than 30 million furry animals, and in Europe – behind France, whose inhabitants have 8 million cats in their care. However, there are countries, for example Peru, Gabon, where the domestic cat is almost never found.

 In the world, 25% of breeders dry cats after bathing with a hair dryer.

 A cat, hunting for mice, saves up to 10 tons of grain a year. In England, cats are used to protect granaries and other food stores; they are officially put on allowance. Cats also protect books from mice and other relics of the British Museum. And in Austria, a cat who served in the protection of warehouses for several years, put a lifetime pension, issued by milk, meat and broth.

 Calico and tortoiseshell colors are found only in cats.

 If the cat is near you, and her tail is shaking – this is the greatest feeling of love that she can express. When the tail begins to fall, then the mood has changed – you can move away, she will not be offended.

 Cats wag their tails when faced with a choice, with one wish blocking the other. For example, if a cat is standing in a doorway and wants to exit, and it’s raining outside, the tail will swing because of an internal conflict. The cat wants to go out, but does not want to get wet. As soon as she decides (stay at home, or go out in the rain), the tail will immediately stop swinging.

 With pleasure, cats release and draw their claws, spreading their fingers.

 Domestic cats – this is the only kind of cat, able to keep the tail upright when walking. All wild cats keep their tails horizontally or between their legs.

 A cat loves the owner and can read his mood. If you are sad or tense, you may notice a change in your cat’s behavior.

 Do not take a kitten or a cat for the scruff. Only cats can do this without harm, and only with their kittens.