The world is divided into two categories – lovers of dogs and cats. The latter can be admired for being touching, clever and looking great in Instagram.

 But that’s not all the reasons why you should get a cat or a cat. We collected the most interesting facts, after which you will definitely miss a fluffy, purring friend.

 A cat is a creature with supernatural powers that no one else has on the planet can be convinced of this by looking into her eyes. They are much more than necessary for a night hunter and are able not only to see. In the eye of a cat there is a pigment, which enables you to hear with your eyes.

 The cult of the cat originated in ancient Egypt. The goddess Bastet, with the head of a cat, the keeper of the female half of the house, is the main place where a great sacred cat dwells. In the sacred city of Heliopolis, the symbol of the supreme god Ra was a cat of enormous size. It served to determine the time. Myo Tzio cat with fiery swords protects the gates to the kingdom of Osiris the lord of the world of the dead.

 Feline – border guards, they penetrate into those areas that are inaccessible to man, they reign in the night, on the other hand they live in this world, and they are connected with the sun. They are in two spheres at the same time, and therefore, can be portrayed as the custodian of the space portal. The connection of a cat with parallel worlds is quite possible, because her brain is so perfect that it was chosen as a model of a computer of a new generation. This is the best system in nature, which can learn to recognize information and make many difficult decisions.

 There is no answer to the question, how does a cat orient itself in space? They can get from one place to another at a huge distance, in a short time. Cats can use portals and corridors in parallel measurements and through them shorten distances. This is known facts and confirmations.

 In the beliefs of the cat, especially black, were considered werewolves. In Japan, it was believed that the cat turns into a beautiful girl and seduced men, in Russia, the cat is first allowed into the house, it was believed that she was riding a house on her. The ancient Greeks believed that the goddess of love Diana takes the form of a cat, in Rome, the cat turns into the goddess of freedom Libertas.

 Cats to see, enough of the smallest particles of light. Her eyeground reflects reflections, which is why her eyes are burning in the dark. The principle is used in road signs. Behind the retina of the cat’s eye is a microscopic mirror that catches subtle signals in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum invisible to humans, so the cat can see a person’s aura, energy substances and ghosts.

 In this book I collected the most interesting and amazing facts about cats.

I present them to your attention.