Purrfect Time

If we?ve peaked your interest, perhaps the cat isn?t the only curious one in the crowd.  It may be the ?purrfect? time to go to your local shelter and adopt a new feline friend.  Millions of cats are housed in shelters across the United States, looking for a family who will keep them in the style to which they could become accustomed.  They ask for so little?a little Fancy Feast served on fine china, a soft perch placed on high ground for ruling over subjects, and an hour of play time each day?preferably broken into fifteen minute intervals.

Cats inspire us, confuse us, and certainly annoy us; but, most of all, they bring us great joy and never-ending entertainment.  Societies have worshiped them as gods and burned them as witches, but cats have still managed to thrive.  They are survivors!  They have given us mere humans a glimpse into the wonderful world seen through the cat?s eyes.     

Refuse to join in when others brag about abusing a cat.  Remember some of the amazing things you?ve read in this book that cats are capable of doing, and pay it forward.  Give laughter and joy to another by showing them the fun of owning a feline.