Cats March to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Many of us are limited by our lack of finances, personal motivation and beliefs, our relationships, and simply our inability to play nice with others.  Not so with cats!  If you?re a cat you can break all the socially acceptable behaviors and still rule over most all other living creatures?including humans.  Why is that?  Some ?cat people? attribute feline superiority to intelligence and physical prowess or confidence and pride. While all these things may be true, cats simply march to the beat of a different drummer.  In fact, you might say they create the drums and hire humans as their own private musicians. 

We cat lovers are known to cater to our cats, even at the sacrifice of our own comfort.  We change our positions in chairs and beds so our cats have the lion?s share of the space.  We empty their half-full food dishes twice a day because kitty thinks it has gone bad and tries to bury the remains.  We pick up their hair balls, sanitize their litter boxes, and excuse their paper shredding as they curl up on our ottomans and watch us do their dirty work with that familiar expression of distain.  They surely must be thinking–How could those silly humans stoop so low?  There is definitely no secret about who?s in charge.

There has been a rash of television shows lately about cats, and they have now attained celebrity status.  This could be a dangerous thing, giving that kind of recognition to the little power mongers.  Of course, they rarely feel powerless, so getting an extra boost of ?I?m all that? doesn?t seem to make much of a difference to a cat?s casual attitude of self-importance.  One of the latest shows on Animal Planet that has gained a big following is called My Cat from Hell.  It?s clear to all of us who let our feline friends own us that cats don?t really come from hell; they have to earn their way there.