Cats Join the Rich and Famous

Some cats have gained celebrity status.  Quite the sensation, Tabatha Bundesen, owner of Grumpy Cat, made a big splash in Hollywood as she gets out of her Escalade to meet her manager, Ben Lashes.  Seriously?  In spite of her disgruntled expression, Grumpy Cat has made it into the big leagues.  Along with her Facebook page, book, special merchandise, her publicity tours and Saturday Night Live appearance, Grumpy Cat recently broke onto the Hollywood scene. Once a Red Lobster waitress, Bundesen?s earnings from Grumpy Cat have been reported to be well over $90 million.  Ninety million dollars?  That?s enough to turn anybody into a cat lover!   

This Grumpy Cat fame is no lone love affair that we have with celebrity cats.  Yes, Grumpy Cat has rivals.  Two of the most famous are international stars Maru and Shiro.  They do amazing things like attempting to climb into boxes way too small and opening and closing drawers and doors.  Then there?s irresistible Shiro, famous for a variety of adorable sleeping routines.  It?s a dirty job but somebody?s got to do it.  Obviously, cat lovers are easily entertained, don?t you think?

With cat videos being quite the rage, Minneapolis held a festival to honor all the famous and not so famous cat videos across the country.  It was a big hit, and California was soon to follow.  For the past three years, thousands of friends, family, and felines gather to enjoy these cat video festivals.  There?s food, fun, and special entertainment?not to mention the coveted Golden Kitty Award.  Heavy competition is expected from this year?s top celebrities, and those discovered will surely be ?whiskered? away to even greater heights of stardom.  Besides reaching celebrity status, IF YOU?RE A CAT YOU CAN?

Cats have even resided in the White House.  Tabby was one of the first felines to be politically minded.  He was invited by Abe Lincoln to reside at the White House during the famous President?s term in office.  It seems old Abe was a pushover for cats, eventually rescuing three more as kittens and bringing them into the oval office as well.  After Lincoln, there were more than a handful of Presidents who shared confidences with cats.  In fact, Teddy Roosevelt had a polydactyl (six-toed) cat named Slippers that was fond of laying right in the middle of the hall leading into the banquet room.  Many a statesman was known to have gingerly stepped over Slippers so as not to disturb his early evening siesta.  Then there was Calvin Coolidge who had four little fur beasts living with the White House family:  Blackie, Smokey, Tiger, and Timmy.  Although Tiger was a regular ally cat variety, he was the President?s favorite.   I guess Tiger changed party affiliations because one night he wandered off never to be heard from again.  Coolidge was so broken hearted that he made a guest appearance on a public radio station asking for help to find his beloved cat, but to no avail.  Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and even John F. Kennedy shared government secrets with their cats.  Perhaps cats are trusted so much because they walk lightly, don?t gossip much, and refuse to be persuaded to do what goes against their moral fabric.